Sad but True – Out with the Old Media In with the New

I love to read ! I really was impressed in 1993 when I first got online and realized that in my spare bedroom was a library ! Today, I read books on my Kindle – Both business and pleasure, learn from blogs on the internet, get my news from internet feeds, and search on small items of interest. So much to read, both free and paid, what time is left to read a traditional book or newspaper. I fear and I am excited about the fact that the paper medium is long past gone. This is a new world for anyone who has a high speed connection at home or at work. GREEN, as well, I produce less paper, reading and retaining for the moment that the info needs to be important. Write to us , about how you view this new and changing medium, and what is happening with the books, magazines, and newspapers in your home and office !

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