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Source :  From Wikipedia on Image Use Policy :

Whenever you upload an image, you should meet the following minimal requirements.

  1. Always tag your image with one of the image copyright tags. When in doubt, do not upload copyrighted images.
  2. Always specify on the description page where the image came from (the origin, sometimes called its “source”) and information on how this could be verified. Examples include scanning a paper copy, or a URL, or a name/alias and method of contact for the photographer. For screenshots this means what the image is a screenshot of (the more detail the better). Do not put credits in images themselves.

Copyright and licensing

Before you upload an image, make sure that the image falls in one of the four categories:

Always note the image’s copyright status on the image description page, and provide specific details about the image’s origin. An Image copyright tag provides a standard template for the licensing of the image. The image summary provides necessary details to support the use of the image copyright tag. An image summary should contain the following:

Description: The subject of the image
Origin (source): The copyright holder of the image or URL of the web page the image came from
Author: The original creator of the image, especially if different from the copyright holder
Permission: Who or what law or policy gives permission to post on Wikipedia with the selected image copyright tag

In addition, the summary might also contain the following, where appropriate:

Date: Location: Other versions of this file:
PBParrot will be putting forms online next week to make it easier to deal with image copyrights.  This has become a big deal in the web world.  The Form is just this information above , for any pictures which are not:  A logo you own, or a picture taken by you or your group, explaining who the picture belongs to , and that you have the right to use it.  In the end , if there is a problem, the web owner not the web developer is held responsible for these pictures that were contributed to your website.  So know where your images came from !  


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