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What is Social Media, how can you help?
What is SEO and why is it so important?

Why is my computer running so slow
What do I do with all my small business receipts ?
I need help in my office
Why am I having trouble finding the store’s hours on my data phone ?

How do I get started?

Domain Registry – We can maintain your domain names included in the price of registering them. The domain is owned by you, but by having it in our registry we can maintain renewals for you, and everything without confusion in one place. We can transfer your domain if you already have one, or we can order one for you. We can order more than one, and MIRROR those domains to one site, creating more traffic to your site.
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What is involved in having a website ?

Website Administration – Website administration is the total job of your website . It’s about helping you create and brand your image online, to assisting you with writing the copy to go with your site. We take your copy, your pictures, your designs, and put them to work for you on the web. We make sure your e-mail does what you want it to do, and that everything is running just so. We can also create forms and scripts to meet your needs, and have a working control panel that you can use, or we can use for you to create your perfect online tool for your business. Website Administration includes: Buying your domain name, and letting you know when to renew, and the daily ISP hosting of your site.
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OK, so I have a website , what now ?

Website Marketing – If you can’t be found, we are out of business. What good is a website if you can’t be found there? Website marketing includes cross links and advertising on local sites to increase your marketability.  Search Engine Optimization and upload to the search engines are also ncluded in all of our Full Service Packages, as well as updates.  An updated web site is not only current, but gets a higher ranking on the Search engines, rather than a site that hasn’t been updated in 6 months or more.
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What is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- Is the various ways that are ever changing to get your site ranked high on the Search Engines. Search Engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, all list websites, but if you are not on the first page, or the top 20% your site can’t be found by someone looking for your product or services.  SEO is always changing, but allows the ranking to be higher if certain things are in place within your website. Included in our Full Service Packages, SEO not only checks your page, but then runs them to the search engines every 30 days, for maximum visibility of your website.
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What is Social Media, how can it help me, and how can you help me with it?

Most popular social media sites today are clearly Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Google also can fall in there fourth, and less popular but notable is Foursquare.  These now can be used not only as social tools in your personal life, but promote your business back to your website.  Providing information about your product or service is the number one way to gain your prospective target market’s trust in you and your product / service.  Transparency is what it is all about today.  SO, a good marketing tool is to integrate Social media where it directs traffic to your website.

Quickbooks Bookkeeping: Same as above, custom prices available for long term work (25 mile radius from Newberry, FL)