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The FACTS about domains and Domain Registry:
There is a lot of confusion when it comes to domains. Domain companies send the owner mail with the intent to have them unknowingly transfer them, by making the owner think they need to renew their domain. Find ways to end the confusion. No matter who your host is, it is easier if the domain is maintained by the host. IMPORTANT:  You must insure however that the Domain Owners Name is YOU. Even if the e-mail is going to the domain administration, that is ok, as long as your name is listed as the registrant. The reason I say that it is OK for the domain administrations e-mail to be on the listing is that quite often , the owner changes e-mail addresses, and when it is time that they want to transfer this becomes difficult, because the affirmation of the transfer then goes to the owners old e-mail address perhaps not in use. It is wise to check the listing regularly to be sure that the information is correct, and talk to you administrator if you have any concerns.

Domain Reg­istry — Let us handle your domains for you and end the confusion. We can main­tain your domain names included in the price of reg­is­ter­ing them. The domain is owned by you, but by hav­ing it in our reg­istry we can main­tain renewals for you, and every­thing with­out con­fu­sion in one place. We can trans­fer your domain if you already have one, or we can order one for you. We can order more than one, and MIRROR those domains to one site, cre­at­ing more traf­fic to your site.

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